Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998

Title- Drugged, written sometime in December of 97
Classification- Maybe an A
Rating- PG for some language
Keywords- Mulder/Scully
Spoilers- None
Disclaimer- If I owned them, I'd be rich. But I do own Jack Letterman.
Summary- Mulder gets drugged, gets rushed to a hospital, etc.
Author's note- This idea just came to me, BTW I'd *really* feedback,
don't be afraid! <g> you can reach me at
*WARNING* If you have a heart condition or anything like that, be
warned, character dies...
And now on with the show!

by Kelly Horvat (

Being a cook sucked. Jack Letterman wasn't even good at cooking. Just
because he threatened his ex wife into killing her, that stupid judge
ordered him to take this damn community service stuff. The head chef had
put him to giving the plates to the waiters and waitresses. Big Joy.
Jack wasn't a bad guy, with sandy blond hair, and nice blue eyes, He
could get any chick he wanted. He was the only son in his family that
still brought his mother presents at Christmas. At age 23, he was framed
for robbery, then at age 24. he actually did rob a bank, and got
convicted, and now this. What is the world coming to? That he couldn't
make harmless threats to his ex. He didn't really plan on killing Nancy,
he just hated how that slut could go dance at bars every night, then
come home and expect to make love with him! What Bullshit. Still, he
wanted to get back at the guy who made him do this horrible job. He knew
what the guy looked like, but didn't know his name.

"Hey Jack! Snap out of it! This chicken breast to table 7." Suddenly,
as if out of no where a plate with some chicken and other accessories
was dropped down in front of him.
The door to the kitchen swung open, and he caught a glimpse of table 7.
A tall smiling man sat there drinking wine. A second look at the man,
made John smile. It was the man who put him in this hellhole. The man
was grinning and laughing at something. Well, you won't be laughing for
long, buddy. Making sure that no one was watching, Jack reached into his
apron pocket, and carefully pulled out the bag of
Arsenic. 'What are you doing? Seeking revenge!' he told himself.
Jack quickly opened the baggie, and sprinkled the white power on the
"Jack, now!" The voice yelled again. Jack stuffed the baggie back in his
pocket after closing it tightly.
"Mission accomplished..." Jack whispered and handed the plate to the
waiter who was serving it.

"The alien held you hostage?" Dana Scully laughed at the joke and shook
her head. The red curls bounced on top of her head.
"He kept yelling at us to shutup." Fox Mulder said, and grinned. He
took another sip of wine.
"This is nice." Scully told Mulder, a sudden sparkle of delight in her
eyes. Mulder nodded, and smiled again. When a waiter appeared and set
down Mulder's chicken, and Scully's salad.
"How can you eat that green stuff that you call lettuce?" Mulder asked
Scully cheerfully as he picked up his knife and fork.
"It's called vitamins, Mulder." Scully laughed and dug in to her salad.
Mulder cut off a piece of chicken, and ate it.
"Hmm.." Mulder swallowed the bite,"This chicken tastes a little odd.."
"What did you expect Mulder? Your eating a creature who was fried too
death. It's not supposed to be a gourmet dinner you know."
"Yeah, I guess you're right." Mulder and Scully worked on finishing there
When Mulder was just about finished his chicken, he made a small grunting
noise, and pushed his plate away.
"What is it, Mulder?" Scully asked as she wiped her mouth with her
"I..I don't know, I just feel, well, weird." Mulder rubbed his stomach.
"You're just full. Shall we go?" She asked.
"Yeah, That would be best..." Mulder rubbed his head.
While Scully was paying the check, Mulder insisted on paying her back,
but his stomach started to feel weird, and collapsed in pain. "Ohhh..."
"Mulder? Are you ok?" She asked with a concerned tone of voice.
"There's something wrong Scully...I need to go home..." Mulder made a
painful face.
"Right away Mulder." The check was paid and they both stood up, Mulder
made it out of the restaurant ok, but once they hit the parking lot, he
grabbed his stomach and fell to his knees.Scully stopped in her tracks.
"Mulder! What is it?" She helped him up, and began to get even more
worried than before.
"My, My stomach, It's hurts..." Mulder groaned and started to walk to
his car.
"Gimmie the keys, I'm driving you to a hospital." Scully held onto his
arm, and waited for him to hand her the keys.
"No...Just take me home...Please..." Mulder finally handed her the keys
when they reached his car. He got in the passenger seat, and curled up
in a ball, without putting his seat belt on. Scully got in the drivers
side and started the car, and drove out of there as fast as she could.

Jack peeked out of the kitchen door, and saw the man clench his
stomach.He started to laugh, and watched his face fill with pain. The
woman he was with was full of concern, and finally they left. Jack
laughed silently, and got back to his god damn community service.

Once Scully arrived at Mulder's apartment, she helped him up, Mulder
groaning all the way, up to his room. With her extra key, she let
herself and Mulder in. He staggered slowly to his black couch that he
had spent all his nights on, and laid down, scrunching up in a little
"The pain..." Mulder groaned again.
"Ok Mulder, we have to find out why you're like this...Did you see
anything weird on your chicken tonight?" Scully knelt beside him, and
gently rubbed his shoulder.
"Not that I know of..." Mulder groaned again, and rolled onto his back.
"Are you sure Mulder?" Scully asked once more.
"God...What the hell was in that chicken?! I should sue that place!!!!
Jesus..." He moaned. Mulder finally sat up, still holding his stomach,
and Scully sat beside him stroking his back.
"You really should get to a hospital..."
"Oh man..."
"Wha-" Scully started to say, But Mulder jumped up, and stumbled into
the washroom. When Scully arrived where Mulder was, she saw Mulder bent
over the toilet bowl, and throwing up blood.

"Oh Mulder..." Mulder leaned back against the side of the bathtub and
Scully knelt before him.
"You better...not come near me. It might, might be contagious..." Mulder
waved his bloody hands at her.
"I don't care Mulder, I'd risk getting sick, if that would help you get
better." She looked into his hazel eyes. They were so cute!
"You'd do that for me?" Mulder noted on a smile in his eyes, but was in
too much pain to actually do it.
"Of course Mulder, I'd do anything for you." She rested her hand on his
arm. Mulder slowly stood up and went to the sink. Resting his elbows on
the edge of the sink, and washed his hands, and splashed water on his
face. Not bothering to drying his hands, or face, he walked into the
living room and plopped down on his couch so he was lying down.
"Can I get you anything...?" Scully stood beside the couch, and looked
down at Mulder.
"Yeah..Yeah, a glass of water.." Mulder eyes were closed, and he looked
terrible, all the color was drained from his face, and he looked weak.
After Scully got him his water, she tucked him into the couch, which he
used for a bed, and he fell fast asleep. Almost instantly.

Scully knew there was something terribly wrong with Mulder, but she
thought it would just pass, seeing that he was sleeping peacefully. So
she made herself at home in his bed, enjoying the musky smell of his
after shave that was on the pillow.

Scully woke up to small groans, getting her eyes adjusted to the dark,
she crept out of the bedroom, and spotted Mulder tossing and turning on
the couch. Scully gasped when she saw blood running down the side of his
mouth, onto his white pillow.
He was groaning and grasping his chest like he was having a heart
attack. Except the pain that he had was much worse.
"I'm calling 911, Mulder" She picked up the phone, and dialed the
emergency room.

"We have a 37 year old male, possibly exposed to Arsenic. We need his
stomach pumped immediately!" A nurse wearing a white lab coat screamed
as the stretcher rolled in through the emergency room doors.
"Are you his wife?" asked a nurse that was out of the way from all the
"No, his best friend," She didn't say partner, because Scully knew that
what they had for friendship was much more important." What's wrong with
him?" Scully asked in a panicky voice.
"He has a large amount of arsenic in his stomach. Do you know what that
"Yes, I'm a medical doctor. How much has he had?"
"Estimated a teaspoon, or more."
Scully gasped. In having that much, he would die almost instantly.
"He'll be lucky if he makes it through the hour." And with that, she
turned and walked back into his room, where she could help out anyway
she could. Just as Scully was watching everything, She thought of
calling Mulder's mother, Skinner, and her own mother. She did just that.

Mulder felt awful. He didn't remember much about that, only the events
leading up to the incident. His whole body ached, and a headache,
pounded in his head uncontrollably.
He opened his eyes and saw a blurry from sitting beside him.
"Mulder?" asked the voice .Ahh..So sweet and soothing.. it was the
woman he loved most.

Dana Katherine Scully.

"Thank God you're not dead!"
"Why should I be?" Even with his condition, Mulder still made time to
entertain her. That was just like him, always going strong, trying to do
the best of things. The man she loved most.

Fox William Mulder.

"You gave us quite a scare there." Scully said as she squeezed his
hand. Mulder tried to open his eyes wider, she so could admire her
beautiful face, but he felt to weak.
"My mother and I. I called her."
"What about my mother?"
"I tried, Mulder. she wasn't home. I've been calling for the last two
hours. no one's there." Scully waited for Mulder's reaction.
"That's just like her. Going away and not telling anyone where she's
going. she probably doesn't give a rats ass for me." Mulder's eyes grew
in angry, but softened down to the flow of hazel.
"Don't think like that Mulder." Mulder never answered but shifted
himself a bit in the uncomfortable hospital bed.
"So, what happened exactly? I was in too much pain to hear anything.
heck, I am now, but these painkillers are started to work I guess."
"Somehow you got Arsenic in your system. It's a drug that tries to ruin
your insides with just the right dose. They had to pump your stomach
"So that's what that taste in my mouth is. Man, that chicken was nasty."
he made a face.
"We consulted the restaurant, and they said the only person who could
have done this is the convict working community Service. Jack
Letterman. Does that name ring a bell to you?"
"Jack..Jack. yeah, I arrested him on that death threat case 2 weeks
ago. You remember him don't you?"
"Him? he seemed so nice.."
"If you call nice threatening your ex to kill her, and poisoning sweet
lil me." he made a small puppy face, and Scully had to laugh. No doubt
about it, this man was perfect. "So, what did the doctor say? I feel
pretty lousy right now."
"Not to be mean, but you should. They had quite a bit of the drug in
your system for a while. If we would have got you to a hospital right
when you were poisoned, you wouldn't be here right now. But as time past
it entered your blood stream, and did alot of damage."
"And?" Mulder winced at the thought of himself dying.
"And..The doctor said he'd get back to us on that." Scully squeezed his
hand and gave him a half smile. Mulder said nothing more but laid back
against the white stack of pillows and closed his eyes.
"Scully...Am I dying?" Mulder opened his eyes and looked up at her
face. It seemed so thoughtful.So understanding...
"It's possible Mulder...but don't worry about that right now..." Scully
returned the look of sorrow in his eyes, and Mulder saw them turn into a
mist of tears. She squeezed his hand briefly and turned on her heel and
walked out of the room before her tears fell in front of Mulder.

Scully pulled her knees up closer to her chest and tried to hold back
the tears. But she couldn't. Mulder had died. He had had just too much
Arsenic. Jack Letterman had been arrested for murder. She just couldn't
believe it. Murder. Mulder was murdered, and she didn't even do
anything. While he was in terrible pain on his own couch, She just
watched. Probably not even caring. 'Don't say that Dana! You *did* care!
You loved him, God-dammit!'
So now she was sitting all crouched up on Mulder's black couch. She will
never see him again, she'll never smell his musky after shave, or be held
in his arms. He was gone. And she fuckin' hated it.

The End


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