Mon, 7 Jul 1997

Hodie mihi, cras tibi (1/1)
(my turn today, yours tomorrow)

Classification: S
Rating: R
Spoilers: none

Summary: Mercenaries catch Mulder and Scully. Features Krycek.

Mulder fought with everything he had, but the two men held on. They
carried him through the warehouse to a small office in back. They were
surrounded by crates containing various weapons and several military grade
vehicles sat idle.

The men wrestled him through the door of the office.They shoved him down into a
wooden chair, then the older of the two slammed a fist into his face, stunning him. At the
same time the other man pulled his hands behind his back and handcuffed them through
the slats of the chair back. Both men were built like varsity linemen. One had a face craggy
enough to make you think he had never worn a helmet during games. The other had a
shaved head. Mulder kicked out, catching the first man in the groin. The man doubled
over groaning in pain. Baldie stepped around and struck him several times in the face and

The man stopped, shaking his hand where he had hit wrong and hurt himself.
He glared at Mulder, then backed away.

Mulder was aware of two other men carrying in a bound, but still struggling
Scully. It was obvious from the scratches and marks on the two men that she had
put up a good fight. These two men were smaller than the others, but still heavily
muscled. One had thick black hair and looked to be only in his early twenties, the
other had hair so blond it was white and he wore the insignia of an army major.

Mulder sighed in relief when he couldn't detect any marks on Scully
herself.The two men put her down on the floor at Mulder's feet. She didn't try
to kick at them, knowing it would only incite them now.

The four men glared at the two agents, catching their breath. All four men
showed the marks of trying to bring these two in alive. They were a battered and
angry looking group.

The blond officer turned to his soldiers. "Titone, you and Meldahl get rid of
de body of dat dead fed. Make sure no one can identify his body." His voice held
an odd cajun accent.

The dark haired youth and Baldie turned and left. The rough faced soldier
continued to lean against the file cabinets in the room and glare at Mulder.

Scully started to sit up but the blond man looked over sharply. "No, petite."
His voice was soft "You stay right where I put you, I will tell you when you can
move. Do not make de mistake your late friend did. I know dat you all be FBI,
dat do not change anyt'ing. You see, killing you will not make dat big a
difference if we are caught , we all hang anyway, no? So, do not push me."

He took the carry bag that they had taken away from Mulder and brought it
to the desk. He opened it gingerly and lifted out the contents. He pulled out an
oval crystal that seemed to be full of an oily like liquid. The liquid inside the
crystal was a disgusting shade of green, it was the green of illness, of vegetation
dying, of pus , and it wasn't still,the oily substance flowed and moved constantly.
The blond mercenary grimaced as he held it,.when he touched the smooth object
he felt suddenly like there were fingers inside his head, scratching, twisting,
making the inside of his head itch. He put it quickly down on the desk.

"Now," he said to the two agents."FBI, you tell me what you know about dis
t'ing, yes? You tell me what you know, maybe we can work somet'ing out. You
don't have to die. Once we are gone, you can do us no harm. So, you tell me
why you came to take dis t'ing from us."

Mulder stared at the other man. "You took it from the Consortium truck,
didn't you know what you were taking?"

"We know dat it come from dat aircraft dat crashed . We know dat it is
somet'ing de government wants to keep hidden." He leaned forward toward
Mulder eagerly, " I believe dat it is a new power source. Is dat not so FBI? I
t'ink it is somet'ing dat we could sell very dearly to some ot'er interests. De
geiger counter says it is not radioactive, so it is a clean power source. Is dat not

"I don't kow exactly what it is, I didn't get a chance to study it."

"Yet, you hunted us down, you snuck into our camp and very nearly made off
wi't it , not knowing what you were taking? I find dat hard to believe."

" Agent Costain was the man who knew about it," Mulder said. "I think you
might have a little trouble asking him, though."

"I do not believe you would come here knowing not'ing. You at least have an
idea what it does."

Mulder shook his head. "You and your men attacked a heavily armed convoy
to take that crystal. We saw part of the fight. You lost a lot of men. I can't
believe you risked that not knowing what you were going after."

The white haired officer growled. "We knew dat what was in dat truck was
somet'ing of enough value to make it worthwhile. We already have a buyer lined
up. It is somet'ing of military value. I would like to know *what* exactly. I also
would like to know how you t'ree were at dat site. How did you know to be
dere at dat time? What did you expect to see?"

"Agent Costain told us that he had information that there was going to be a
highjacking of some government trucks. We were just helping him stop a

Mulder wasn't about to tell him that actually, Agent Costain had
convinced him that those trucks were going to be transporting an alien article
from the crash of an airplane that had been shot done over southern Loiusiana.
The Government was still investigating what brought down the small craft, but
certain items had been removed from the scene almost immediately by a small
group of soldiers. They had been transporting the items in an armed convoy to
some secure area. Agent Costain had had warning even before the plane went
down from an informer. He had convinced Mulder with some difficulty of the
legitimacy of the claim and they had gotten down there just behind the soldiers.
Agent Costain had assured Scully that he had warned his superiors about the
possibility of a plane being shot down before they had headed to the area. They
had watched the soldiers from a small distance, then followed the trucks as they
were loaded up and left. Unfortunately, no one had planned on the sudden attack
on the trucks by a band of mercenaries. The mercenaries had struck so swiftly
and efficiently that no call for help had gone out. After the mercanaries stripped
away what they wanted in record time, the three agents had followed the
mercenaries to this hideaway. Through pure bad luck, the three had gotten
spotted sneaking away with the obvious big prize of the day. Agent Costain had
panicked and tried to shoot his way out as Mulder and Scully dived for cover.
The mercenaries had killed Costain within the first minute of the fight. Luckily,
they had decided to take the other agents alive.

"You take me for a fool! De FBI would not send only t'ree agents for dat.
And how did you know to come straight for dis crystal? We took a lot from de
trucks. You didn't go after any of dat." He shook his head. "And why did you
not just call for de FBI to come and surround dis camp? Why did you come in on
your own? We took your phones, it is not dat you could not call. No, you know
somet'ing, you just do not want to cooperate."

The officer's cell phone trilled. He pulled it out. "LeBrel." He listened for a
moment, " make sure the men are ready." He turned to the other soldier. "De
Russian will be here in two hours."

He knelt down next to Scully. "You are so pretty,ma cherie. It will be a
shame to mar dose pretty looks." His hand flashed out before Scully could move
away and held her chin in an iron grip, squeezing so tight his fingers were leaving
red marks. Mulder screamed in outrage and tried to pull free. The huge soldier
moved from the filecabinets and slammed a fist into Mulder's face, nearly
causing him to black out.

The white haired cajun stared into Scully's eyes. "We have time, cherie.
Time,before our buyer shows up. I t'ink you two *will* tell me what I want to
know." He stood up quickly and walked over to the desk. He hesitated, then
picked up the crystal with it's protective wrap and placed it back in it's carry
sack. He opened the wall safe and placed it inside, sighing in relief as he locked it

The white-blond officer decided he really would be glad to get rid of that thing
after all. He turned back to the other soldier in the room. "Padgett, I am going to
make sure de ot'ers are ready. We move out in two hours. I would like to have
dese two fine agents tell me what dey know before de Russian gets here. See if
you can convince dem."

He looked at Scully with mock sadness. "Ma petite, do not be *too* stubborn.
Monsieur Padgett can get a little-carried away- at times." He turned and left the
office, closing the door behind him.

Padgett grinned at Mulder. Then he went to the desk and pulled out a roll of
duct tape. His grin got nastier as he pulled off a piece and approached Mulder. "I
wouldn't want you giving in *too* soon. How could I believe what you say if
you give it away too easy." He pulled the tape tightly over Mulder's mouth.
Then patted his cheek.

Scully started to move away as he approached with another piece for her.
"Oh, no," Padgett grinned, "I'm not forgetting you." He pulled the tape over her
mouth with a little less force than Mulder's, but it was still tight.

He turned to Mulder, his face now deadly serious. "You know, FBI. I think
you might have hurt me. I may have trouble with women for awhile. I think it is
only appropriate that I check it out on your friend here."

He grinnned in delight as Mulder went ballistic. The back of the chair even
groaned a little as Mulder pulled against the cuffs. Padgett slammed his fist into
his abdomen hard enough to make it impossible for a moment for Mulder to
draw a breath. Mulder found himself fighting to not vomit with his mouth duct
taped shut.

Padgett turned toward Scully just as she had gotten her legs in position, she
kicked out with all she had. Unfortunately, Padgett turned with the kick and all
she hit was his thigh. He yelled in pain and stepped back, but he wasn't down,
not by a long shot. He reared back with his fist cocked and brought it down with
his weight behind it on her right thigh. Scully cried out in pain as her leg
suddenly went dead. He had hit precisely on the nerve to that leg. She was trying
to catch her breath when he slammed his fist into her left thigh in the same place.
Tears flowed from her eyes as Scully felt the loss of her ability to move either
leg even an inch.

Padgettt looked back to see Mulder was still struggling with his handcuffs,
but he wasn't getting far. Padgett figured he should have been dead a hundred
times over just from the look of pure, undiluted hatred he saw in those hazel

Padgett laughed softly. Then he reached out and grabbed Scully's skirt. He
yanked it up roughly over her waist, ignoring the muffled sob from behind the
tape. "This is going to be sweet." Padgett smirked at her as he tore away her
under pants and spread her legs.

Padgett started undoing his own belt, eager to free his painful erection.
Suddenly Scully saw him stiffen as the door softly opened. She couldn't see the
door from where she lay, but Padgett could. "What the hell--?"

Scully's eyes widened as she saw a wide hole appear between Padgett's eyes.
There hadn't been a loud gunshot, so she knew someone had used a silencer.
Padgett quietly slumped backwards onto the floor. She tried, but couldn't get
her legs to cooperate enough to move around to see the door. So she looked
over at Mulder.

Mulder was staring at the door. His eyes widened in surprise as he saw the
other man step fully into the room and quietly close the door. Alex Krycek
stepped over toward where Padgett lay. He looked over at the man quickly, then
turned to stare at Scully.

He wore his familiar black leather jacket and tight jeans, both hands were
covered in black gloves, but he held his left arm stiffly, as if he were hurt. The
beautiful dark green eyes studied Scully for a minute then turned toward Mulder.
He shook his head slightly at the agent.

"How *do* you keep getting into these messes?" He said softly, just barely
over a whisper,a small smile playing across his lips.

Mulder just stared at the rogue agent. His eyes were almost as angry as they
had been at Padgett. Krycek met his gaze, then shook his head again slightly. He
looked down at Scully. Her clear blue eyes held distrust, and a little fear. This
man was capable of anything.

Krycek put his pistol in its crossdraw belt holster. He then knelt down beside
Scully, still staring into her eyes, his unreadable. It was like looking into cold,
hard jade, there was no emotion there at all.

There was a sound of furious protest from Mulder as Krycek reached out his
right hand toward Scully's skirt. His eyes were looking her over, assessing her as
calmly as a horsebuyer would a prospective mount. His hand grabbed the edge of
her skirt, and they could both hear Mulder fighting the chair.

Krycek's eyes met Scully's again, and now she saw faint laugh lines around
the beautiful eyes as he smiled faintly. Then he carefully pulled her skirt down so
that it covered her thighs again. He smoothed the soft material briefly. Then his
hand pulled the duct tape from her mouth.

Scully gasped in air. She started to say something, but Krycek put a gloved
hand over her mouth. "Shhh, don't say anything." His own voice was a soft
whisper. To make sure she understood, his hand moved from her mouth to his

When she didn't try to speak, Krycek smiled approvingly, and stood up. He
looked over at Mulder and his face was serious again. Every bit the deadly killer.
He reached over to Padgettt's body and begin searching for something. Soon he
pulled something out of Padgett's pocket and placed it in his own pocket.

Mulder stared as Krycek ignored him and went over to the wall safe. Krycek
pulled a small device from his inner jacket pocket and attached it to the wall safe.
The device flashed red numbers at Krycek in a rapid succession for a couple of
minutes, then the safe opened quietly. Krycek put his device back in its inner
pocket, then pulled the carrysack out of the safe.

Scully could barely see what Krycek was doing from her angle but she could
see him put the carry strap of the bag over his neck and left shoulder so it hung
beneath his left hand. Krycek closed and locked the safe, then he started toward
Scully again.

This time she hardly flinched as he knelt beside her. His eyes crinkled with
amusement. He carefully pushed against her shoulder, turning her so he could
reach her hands. He still kept his left arm stiff, Scully wondered if he was
wounded, but he didn't show any sign of pain. She wasn't surprised to feel the
handcuffs removed gently from her wrists. Krycek looked at her calmly.

"I never did thank you for shooting him for me." Was all he said, still in a soft,
low, intimate voice. His face betrayed nothing.

"I didn't...." Before Scully could continue, he again put his hand to her mouth.

"It doesn't matter why. I owe you my life." He smile held irony."I always pay my
debts. I still owe you one more."

Mulder's glare had changed to a look of confusion when Krycek turned back
toward him. This time there was a spark in Krycek's eyes. A faint smile traced
over his mouth. He stood from Scully and walked over to Mulder. He crouched
so he was eye to eye with Mulder. He held one finger up in front of Mulder's
face. "Shhh" he whispered, then he ripped the tape from Mulder's mouth.

Mulder didn't make a sound, and Krycek smiled in approval. He laid his hand
briefly against Mulder's cheek, then it was gone before Mulder could protest.
"There are still a dozen armed men out there," Krycek told him softly. "They will
kill us all if you make any noise. This isn't exactly the way I was supposed to
retrieve this thing."

Krycek stepped around behind the cuffed agent. Krycek leaned down so he
was talking into Mulder's right ear, his breath causing goosebumps to go down
Mulder's skin. "Do you even know what you and Scully almost died for?" Still in
that oh, so soft voice.

Mulder jumped as Krycek's tongue quickly flashed out and licked his ear.
Daring him to make a noise. Krycek grinned as Mulder kept quiet. "I make it a
point to always know before I go. This," he contined talking softly into Mulder's
ear. "Was taken from an alien ship. Very much against the wishes of the original

This time Krycek kissed the side of Mulder's neck quickly, causing Mulder to
tense and his breath to quicken. The voice was still soft, velvety and intimate.
"In fact, there will probably be an uproar about its loss. Certainly by the
Consortium, but also the project." He laughed softly, "I'm
looking forward to it."

<others?> Mulder turned his head towards Krycek to ask, Krycek caught him
and kissed him full on the mouth. He licked Mulder's lips briefly, then pulled
back before Mulder could react.

"Open your hands,Mulder." The soft voice was back at his other ear. Mulder
unclenched his hands, and felt Krycek press a key into his right hand. "You'll
need to be careful leaving, I only took care of three or four guards. There's
plenty left. There's going to be a diversion in six minutes on the north edge of
the camp. There aren't any guards to the south right now. It won't last long."

Krycek grinned and headed for the door. He nodded at Scully as he stepped
over her. She was just starting to get her legs back under her, regaining the
control. He reached a hand out and helped her to a standing position. She started
to waver and his hand held her arm in support until she had her balance back.
She was way to unsteady to jerk away as she wanted to. His eyes said he knew
what she was thinking and his mouth quirked, trying to hold in the smile. Then
he moved away.

Scully stared at him mutely. As Krycek held the doorknob, Mulder spoke
softly. "Krycek..."

Krycek turned toward him. Mulder looked at him, a hundred questions wanting
to be asked. "Krycek, what *is* that thing?" He kept his voice quiet, sounding
like a child dying to know what was in a package.

Krycek looked at him solemnly, "Why, Mulder, it's an egg. A live alien egg.
Shouldn't be too long before it hatches."

With that, Krycek slipped out the door, closing it partway as he left. Mulder
had his hands undone, and he sat for a moment just staring after Krycek.

"Mulder," Scully's voice was quiet, but insistent. "We have to get out of here."

Mulder shook his head, then gathered himself. He quickly went to Scully,
putting his arm around her. "Can you walk?" He asked quietly.

"I can walk, I don't think I can run, though"

"If we have to , I'll carry you." Mulder put his arm under hers and helped
support her. They left the office and looked around. No sign of Krycek. Mulder
half carried Scully as they made their way towards the south end of the camp.
They didn't even see any guards for several yards. They were getting ready to
cross an open area towards a parked jeep when there was the loud WHUMP of
an explosion at the north end of the camp. Followed by the sound of shouting
men and the sharp barks of automatic weapon fire.

They ran to the waiting jeep and Mulder was relieved to see the keys in it.
Why would they need to worry about thieves here? As they raced away from the
camp they saw two armed men in fatigues slumped from tree stands, their arms
hung limply from the platforms.

They met no resistance as they got onto the road and drove toward the nearest
town. Scully looked over and saw Mulder's face was tight in anger.

"Mulder?" She asked quietly.

He looked over at her. He had slowed to a saner speed. But his knuckles were
still white on the wheel.

"Mulder," she started hesitatingly, " you didn't really believe Krycek did you?
You know he was lying. He was just pulling your chain, just playing games."

"Maybe," he said, keeping his gaze on the road, "but, Scully, whatever that
was, it was important. And we almost had it, then that bastard took it."

"Yes, he took it. But he also saved our lives, Mulder. I have no idea why, but
I'm sure he had ulterior motives."

"Yeah," Mulder's voice was thoughtful. "I never know where he's coming from.
I just know I can never trust him. And this isn't over. He won today, but
tomorrow it's our turn."

The end.