Date: Mon, 4 May 1998

TITLE: "Sick Day"
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SUMMARY: What happens when Mulder comes into work sick one day.

Disclaimer: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, and any other X-Files characters used in
this fanfic are not mine. They (unfortunatly) belong to Chris Carter and Fox,
so don't sue me(please??!!).

Writer's notes: I had an idea in my head. I wanted a simple story. This is
what is came up with. You decide whether it's a MSR or just MS UST. I hope
you like. :-)

"Sick Day"
By Jen

The basement office was strangely quiet as Dana Scully typed her latest
report on her laptop. She sighed as she stopped for the what seemed the
millionth time in the last 20 minutes. <Damn writer's block> she thought.
Scully never usually had trouble writing her reports, but this time seemed to
be the exception. She sighed and tried to get back to her report, but after
another five minutes, she found herself distracted yet again. <Why can't I
concentrate?> she wondered. She then glanced toward the desk of her partner,
Fox Mulder. He was late. <Not exactly a first for Mulder> Scully thought with
a smile. <He'll waltz in here any minute> She went back to her report and was
finally nearing the closing when Mulder decided to make his appearance.
"Have trouble getting up?" Scully commented as he walked in. Then she got a
better look at him. He looked worn down, but then again he always did on
account that he didn't sleep. He didn't say a word as he walked over to his
desk and flipped on his computer. Scully was surprised that he didn't have a
comeback to her question. She shrugged and went back to her report.
She finished typing and had hit the print button, when she looked toward
Mulder. She hadn't noticed, but when she was typing, but he had fallen asleep
at his desk. <That's not like Mulder> she thought, wondering if she should
wake him. Just then the printer started to print and the small noise was just
enough to wake Mulder up.
Mulder opened his eyes and found Scully staring at him, concerned. <Oh no>
he thought as she walked toward him with that "doctor" look in her eyes. This
was the last thing he needed now. Sure he felt like crap, but he wasn't about
to admitt it to Scully.
Scully decided to approach him and got the same reaction she always got when
she went to check on him. He sat up and went back to typing on his computer
and looked away from her. He tried to pretend he was fine, but Scully knew
better. Mulder was good at hiding when he was sick, but Scully knew that he
wasn't that good. Even as he sat up, she could tell that was the last thing
he wanted to do.
<Maybe if I stay sitting up, she'll leave me alone> Mulder thought as he
typed, but he knew it was to late. He sighed as Scully reached him and did
the one thing he had hoped to avoid. She placed her hand on his forehead and
frowned. He hated that frown. It meant he was sick and Scully knew it and
there was nothing he could do to stop it.
<He sure is warm> Scully thought to herself as she palced her hand on his
forehead and frowned. She wondered how long he had felt this bad. <Leave it
to Mulder to get sick> she thought as walked toward his coat.
<Oh no, the coat> Mulder thought. She was going to make sure he got home.
The last thing Mulder wanted was to spend the day in bed. But judging from
the look on Scully's face, he wasn't going to have a choice. <Maybe I can
talk my way out> he thought as she picked up his coat.
"Come on, Mulder. You're going home," Scully said handing him his coat.
"Not necessary, Scully. I'm fine," Mulder said, knowing that she wouldn't
buy that.
"Mulder, you're sick. You are going home," Scully said, knowing that he
wouldn't just give in.
"I'm fine, Scully. I have a lot of files to catch up on," Mulder said
looking at her with a pleading look.
"Don't give me that look. You're sick. You're going home. End of story."
Mulder still looked at Scully. "Trust me, Mulder. I'm a doctor."
"You're a pathologist. Last time I checked, all of your patients are dead."
Mulder turned his chair back to the computer.
Scully turned his chair right back toward her. "They were, untill I met
you," Scully answered and plopped his coat on his lap.
<I don't think I'm going to win> Mulder thought as he reluctantly put his
coat on. She grabbed her coat and directed him outside.
"We'll take my car. You can pick yours up when you're feeling better,"
Scully said as they reached the parking lot.
"I can drive my car and myself home, Scully," He said as he checked his
pockets for his keys.
"Like hell you can. I'm going to make sure you go home and stay in bed," She
said stressing the last part of her sentence.
"I'm not one of your patients, Scully. I'll be fine," he said.
"As soon as you walked into work sick this morning, you become one," Scully
said. She sighed, "Mulder, listen to me. You need soon sleep. I'm at least
going to make sure you get that. The last I want you do is to get even
sicker. That makes it even harder to find the aliens."
Mulder cracked a small smile at that statement. "All right. You can drive
and we'll take your car. That better?"
"Much better."
Scully sighed as she glanced over at her partner. She was glad he had given
in to letting her drive, because he sure didn't look like he was up to it. He
stared into space and got a real glassy look in his eyes. He looked real
pale, too. <Oh, well> Scully thought as she pulled up to the apartment
building, <At least we're here.> She glanced over at Mulder, wondering what
the chances were that he would let her take a look at him. She knew they were
slim, but she was still going to press.
"We're here," she said to Mulder and he turned to her. "Mulder, you look
awfully pale. I would feel better if you let me take a look at you."
"I'm fine, Scully. Really." Mulder was already home, he didn't need Scully
to worry herself and stay with him. Then he saw how worried she already
looked. He hated to worry her. He hated doing this, but.....
"If it makes you feel better, I'll let you take a look at me," Mulder said,
regretting his words.
"Good. Because I wasn't going to give you a choice," Scully answered,
Mulder didn't realize how bad he felt untill he made the climb up the stairs
to his apartment. <Maybe it is better I'm home> he thought. Scully cast a
glance at him. Mulder checked his pockets for his keys and unlocked the door.
As soon as Mulder walked in he headed for the couch and sat down. He looked
horrible. Scully didn't waste any time. She stuck a themometer in his mouth
as soon as she could. She frowned as she looked at it. 102.5. He was sick.
"What does it say?" Mulder asked as soon as she frowned.
"102.5. You're definately sick. You're going to bed."
<Great> Mulder thought. He had been hoping it would be nothing.
"Are you going?" Mulder asked Scully. <Where did that request come from?> he
Scully looked at him and smiled, "I think I'll stick around and make sure you
stay in bed and don't got out on any alien chases."
Mulder cracked another grin. "I thought smart remarks were my
"Today they aren't." Scully smiled again, glad he was up to joking.
Mulder smiled as he sat back. He didn't know why, but he felt safe as long
as she stayed. He looked at her from his position on the couch. She was busy
putting her themometer away. But out of nowhere, she looked up and caught
Mulder's look. They stared at each other for at least a full minute, then
Scully turned away.
"Let's get you into bed," she said, glancing toward the bedroom. Mulder
nodded and got up and followed her. She got him into bed and handed him some
"Take these." She handed him a glass of water, not looking right at him when
she did.
Mulder took the aspirin and looked up at Scully. "I'm glad you're staying,"
he said looking up at her once again.
"Me, too. Now go to sleep." Scully sat on the bed next to him untill he
fell asleep. She looked at him and smiled. She felt safe with him, too.
Yawning, she went to other side of the bed and laid down. Just as she laid
down, she glanced at Mulder and he cracked open an eye and glanced at her.
Their eyes met once again. Only this time, they didn't turn away.

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