MulderTorture Rating:6

updated November 10,1998

Sliding Doors-Ten--77K--R
A 'what if' story. How would the rest of the movie have gone if MULDER was the one stung by the bee?

Wishful Thinking(1/3)-Jen and Lauren--135K--PG-13
Wishful Thinking(2/3)--132K
Wishful Thinking(3/3)--97K
Wishes can't come true, or can they?

Secrets Long Forgotten-Vickie Moseley--18K--PG
A slightly twisted ending to the episode 'Demons'.

Haunted House-Analise--88K--PG-13
In the Halloween spirit...a Halloween tale.

Miracles-Susan Proto--96K--PG-13
Tragedy strikes a new relationship, yet miracles are still a possibility.

By Her Side 2: The Awakening-Vickie Moseley--22K--PG
Continuation of By Her Side. Bill takes up watch over an injured Mulder and tries to reconcile some old feelings.

Survivor's Guilt-Munchie--9K--PG-13
Well, here's the challenge- Write a story with Scully or Mulder's point of view, then write the exact same scene with a minor character's point of view.

Mulder's Ghost-Hawthorne Kessler--8K--PG
Mulder goes over the edge after learning Scully is presumed to be dead as a result of a car accident.

Eleventh Hour(1/2)-Rachel Anton--111K--NC-17
Eleventh Hour(2/2)--111K
Some feeling defy the confines of time.

As Mulder and Scully enter a new phase in their relationship in the wake of the Blackwood virus case, a man who disappeared decades earlier returns from a remote region of Tibet. This event prompts a new investigation that has implications both for the X-Files and for Mulder and Scully personally.

Aftermath of Mulder's traumatic experience w/ the New Spartans.

Dark Corners-Susan Proto--86K--PG-13
Mulder faces an unseen enemy with devastating results.

I'll Be Seeing You(1/3)-Fox's Gal--86K--R
I'll Be Seeing You(2/3)--102K
I'll Be Seeing You(3/3)--116K
Agent Scully receives letters from a psychopath regarding Agent Mulder. This is a sequel to "I Know Someone" by XScout.

Heresy (Pine Bluff Variation)-Khyber and Alanna Baker--16K--R
Mulder faces death at the end of "Pine Bluff Variant." Has the most important discovery come too late?

Taking Care of Business-Jen and Lauren--112K--PG-13
A dead man, a snow storm, and a sick Mulder make for an interesting case.

Arch Angel-Jenga--164K--PG-13
Mulder and Scully go undercover as newlyweds to apprehend a serial killer.

Affreux-Cancergir1 and Bradford--42K--PG-13
The story takes off at the end of Tooms. The setting, to refresh your memory, is in a shopping center, at night. Mulder has nearly been killed by Tooms, barley escaping an involuntary liver-ectomy. Tooms has apparently just been crushed under an escalator...

Murder Most Vile-P.C.Rasmussen--84K--PG
Mulder and Scully are on a case where an apparent serial killer has killed some people. *big surprise* It's up to them to figure out who - or what - is killing these people. Do they? Read the story.

Memory:Restoration of the Mind(1/2)-Daydreamer--82K--R
Memory:Restoration of the Mind(2/2)--53K
Mulder is found, injured and with memory problems. Scully tends him while he recovers, and helps him deal with new memories of that fateful night. The first part of this story can be found HERE.

Night Terror: The Other Side-Tanya Larissa Chang--18K--PG
Mulder becomes imprisoned by a man set on revenge against both Mulder and Scully.

Like a Turtle on Its Back (1/2)-Jo-Ann Lassiter--79K--R
Like a Turtle on Its Back (2/2)--85K
After several blows to his male ego, Mulder begins to question the equilibrium of his relationship--both professional and personal--with Scully.

Checks and Mates-Linda Howell--15K--PG
One night, the game becomes clear to Mulder and leaves him with a decision he must matter what happens. Told from Mulder's POV.

Familiar Faces-Susan Proto--54K--PG-13
Mulder sees what appears to be familiar faces from his past, and has to deal with the pain of living through those difficult times all over again.

This fanfic is loosely based on the film "The Dead Zone".

Family Ties Part One-Sharron Ibbitson--57K--PG-13
Mulder discovers a family member has been killed, and he is not given time to grieve before discovering his own life is in danger. Character Death.

Fox7-Part One-The Alchemist--10K--R
For those of you who've seen the movie/read the book, Mulder and Scully fill the shoes of Logan6 and Jessica3. This fanfic was inspired by William F Nolan's "Logan's Run Trilogy,"

The Sick Day-Sarah Prior--15K--PG
When Mulder arrives to work sick one say, he has to set about proving to Scully he's fit enough to work even though his actions prove otherwise.

Not Always As It Seems (Part Two)-Sarah Prior--9K--PG-13
Scully finds out Mulder could possibly have a blood clot, after the car accident, but things start to look up!

The Littlest Hostage-Susan Proto--68K--PG-13
No Summary Available

Just Checking-Vickie Moseley--42K--PG-13
A Vickie Moseley "fill in the blank" companion piece to Susan Proto's "Under the Weather".

Vacation In Paradise-Jill Curtis--91K--PG-13
Scully gets Mulder to go on Vacation with her and Mulder finds out just how deep the conspiracy really goes, and how deep his relationship with Scully goes.

Not Always As It Seems (Part One)-Sarah Prior--34K--PG-13
When Mulder is fed false information, Scully has to try and make him come to his senses, they end up not speaking, then something terrible happens to Mulder (He doesn't die)(Follow up to Christmas Carol/Emily).

Risking Everything-Cathleen Faye--73K--NC-17
This is Mulder's story. He & Scully have risked their lives for the truth, but in the face of his dangerous assignment in PBV, they must decide if they're willing to risk their hearts too.

Redemption(1/2)-Christina Ortega--153K--PG-13
The day has arrived for Alex Krycek to pay for his sins, but what payment will be enough for all the things that he has done?

Back To Normal-Ten--77K--PG-13
After months of repressing their fears and feelings about her condition, Scully is in remission and things can go back to normal. But how do both partners react when Mulder gets sick?

Vacation 2-Sarah Prior--25K--PG-13
The Rest Of Mulder and Scully's Vacation, and Mulder's trip to the hospital.

The Long Way Home-Shannara--28K--PG-13
Follow-up to "Beyond the Sea." Mulder is released from the hospital in Raleigh, N.C., to fly back to Washington, D.C., with Scully. But of course, Mulder never does anything the easy way. Bored Mulder=big trouble.

To Dance with Death-Spooky--7K--PG
The events in Tunguska have tragic consequences.

Under the Weather-Susan Proto--15K--PG-13
Mulder's a bit under the weather, which of course, in Mulder's case, is never easy.

Keep the Torch Lit-Vickie Moseley--14K--PG
MOVIE SPOILER, the last possible fill in the blank.

Skinner's in the hospital, Mulder's in jail, and the mysterious old woman from "Avatar" is back. Is she here to save or damn them?

We Go Together-Jill Curtis--26K--PG-13
Mulder and Scully try to save the president, while they may need help saving themselves.

Stitches in Time-Vickie Moseley--48K--PG-13
Third person observation of Mulder's gunshot wound and hospital stay.

So You'll Know-Barbara Barnett--8K--G
A missing scene in PBV. Very short.

Life Postscript 4:A Lifetime Renewed-Rebecca Rusnak--18K--NR
One year after his escape, can Mulder take the biggest step of all? Fourth and final(?) in the Lifetime series, which can be found at: Life series.

The Relapse-Susan Proto--72K--PG-13
Illness strikes and it takes the compassion and understanding of Scully and Skinner to help Mulder get through it and his recovery.

Profiles in Caring-Daydreamer--96K--PG
After her release from the hospital, Scully follows Mulder to where he is working on a case for VCS.

Follies of the Mind III:Mulder's Thoughts-Vickie Moseley--34K--R
Part three of the fill in the blanks from Follie A Deux

Last Moments II-Sarah Prior--18K--PG-13
Mulder's having chemo, when things take a turn for the worst.

Life Cycles XIII:Fathers' Fears-Susan Proto--118K--PG-13
Potential tragedy for the Mulder's close friends, the Goldfarbs and the aftereffects on all concerned. The rest of this series can be found at: Life Cycles by Susan Proto

To Follow the Gypsy Rover-Ten--50K--PG-13
Scully's point of view while helping Mulder the night his father was shot in "Anasazi" and on the car trip to New Mexico. She is relying on him as much as he is on her...

What Tomorrow Holds-XScout--90K--R
Several people in a library are taken hostage, including an FBI agent. When things go wrong, the librarian has to deal with it.

The Burning Times -Elizabeth Gerber--76K--R
Turns out Mulder's fear of fire and Scully's discomfort with the unknown go back much, much further than we thought. Set in the British Isles in the fifteenth century. Alternate Universe/Past Lives

The Dark and The Light-Daydreamer--7K--PG-13
Scully's nightmares cause Mulder distress as he struggles to find a way to reach out to her.

Candles of Ice-Ten--42K--PG
With Mulder still unconscious from the retrovirus, Scully faces a lonely birthday in Alaska.

The Vanishing Act-Ten--16K--PG
Mulder reaches new ditching depths - will an appalled Scully be in time to save him?

Home is Where the Heart is-Susan Proto--28K--PG-13
Mulder returns home, only to realize home is where the heart is.

Stolen Moments-Debra Fran Baker--106K--PG-13
Scully and Mulder investigate a mysterious plague devastating a small town.

Redrawing the Line(1/2)-Ten--60K--PG-13
Redrawing the Line(2/2)-Ten--71K
Scully's abduction and return, near-death, clarified Mulder's feelings towards her - now Scully finds herself in the same situation when Mulder is affected by the retrovirus. If she can save him, will things then go back to normal?

Stray Cat-Susan Proto--39K--PG-13
Mulder has a chance encounter with something that brings him back to his past, and Scully's there to help him return to the present.

The Price of Empathy-Dx--36K--R
Scully's thoughts, feelings, and speculations over a particularly bad day for her partner.

When Phoebe Green suddenly reappears in Mulder's life, Scully secretly discovers something important about Mulder's past. Or does she?

Sick Day-Jen--9K--PG
What happens when Mulder comes into work sick one day.

Conjugation-Madame Butterfly--30K--NC-17
Mulder and Scully finally even the score. Last part of "Paybacks" and "Mulder's Revenge."

Abah VIII: The Caregiver-Susan Proto--96K--PG-13
Mulder discovers heroes can fall down too. But it takes another kind of hero to help pick them up again. The rest of the series can be found in The Abah series.

Life Postscript: In A Lifetime-Rebecca Rusnak--19K--R
This is an authorized sequel to Jen Collins "Life" series. A Happy Ending... The rest of this series can be found at: The Life series.

Only in My Dreams-Samantha Shaw--3K--PG
Scully is dead or is she.

I'll Remember-XScout--9K--PG
A tragic event causes Scully to start writing in her diary again.

So Are You, But...-nikki--21K--PG-13
Mulder and Scully's complex relationship is in many ways, defined more so by the unspoken things between them than by the words that they do speak. On a winter's day in Massachusetts, in the middle of a horrific case, this lesson is reinforced in Scully's mind.

Life 5:Ending Life-Jen Collins--6K--NC-17
Mulder confronts his captor.The previous stories in this series may be found at Life series.

Know No Heaven-Darkstryder--11K--R
Pure Mulderangst. I hope this one's better. The end's been completely redone.

My Mind's Mine-Willa Dedalus--11K--NR
Mulder's yearning for Scully during her disappearance takes a different path than even he had expected.

Sea Of Fear-tyger1013--15K--R
Mulder is haunted by repressed memories, and he has to find a way to live with them.

Life Cycles XI:Memories Passed-Susan Proto--79K--PG-13,and NC-17 in part 4
When the Mulders are invited to spend a special holiday dinner with best friends, Scully has a sense of foreboding, and as usual, it's with good reason.The preceeding stories in this series can be found HERE.

Red Herring-J. C. Sun--16K--R
Bodies are even cheaper than you thought.

A Heartbeat Away-Linda Phillips--17K--PG
Mulder's mother dies suddenly, leaving him to deal with unanswered questions and unspoken emotions.

Chicken Soup for the Soul-Stacey Oziel--32K--NC-17
Scully makes a house call, and gets to play doctor with Mulder.

Between Sleep and Awake-XScout--22K--R
Somewhere between sleep and awake, dreams - and nightmares - become reality.

Bitter Revenge-Barbara Tucker--42K--R
Mulder is abducted while running one morning by a killer that was put away by him years ago.

Bent On Winning-Willa Dedalus--18K--PG
Mulder is a handful when he's healthy. Now imagine, he's sick, and Scully's temporally not there. Pity the hospital staff yet?

The Spot-Willa Dedalus--101K--PG
This story is a prequel to Cubed Poetry, which was the sequel to Childhood Chums. A thirteen year old Mulder moves to the big apple, and settles into life with his Aunt Allegra.

The Long, Twilight Struggle-Darkstryder--9K
Sequel to "TO DREAM IN THE CITY OF SORROWS." This time it's from Mulder's point of view.

Fox Mulder as a child, seen through the eyes of a friend.

Redemption And Salvation 2-P.C.Rasmussen--94K--PG-13
With Krycek in tow, Mulder and Scully set off to investigate the location mentioned on the tape, hoping to find Skinner alive. Will they? Read on and find out.

Pushed Over The Edge-XScout--11K--R
Post Episode Story for Kitsunegari (Pusher 2).Scully must deal with Mulder's reaction to her 'death'.

Suspension of Belief 3: Catharsis-Barbara Barnett--12K--PG-13
A Red and the Black post-ep story. A continuation of my Series:Suspension of Belief, which can be found in Series and Sequels under Suspension of Belief Series Site.

Candle On The Water-XScout--15K--G
A horrific case opens the floodgates to Mulder's breaking point. Can Scully save him from himself?

VINTAGEThe Gift-Sue(Windsinger)Esty--22K--PG-13
Dana tries to buy Mulder a Christmas present but something is very, very, VERY wrong here.

Bad Command-Mady Bay--32K--PG
Deep Fried Mulder.The rest of the stories can be found in Series and Sequels under Bad Series Site.

Leviathan part 3-Pellinor--101K--R
Conclusion of the story arc.The first and second parts can be found in Series and Sequels under Leviathan Series Site.

Absalom V:The Price of a Man-Joyce McKibben--60K--PG-13
This is part 5 of a developing series. Jason sets into motion the end game for Mulder's soul. The other parts can be found in The Absalom Series Site.

Alone In A Disused Graveyard-Samantha H.--30K--R
In the hands of your worst enemy, we all become a bit bemused. Mulder's thoughts while slowly disintegrating in the bowels of a consortium facility. Or is it?

Anger-Tara Hicks--36K--PG
Mulder and Scully have a fight one Friday, and over the weekend Scully becomes concerned about Mulder, only to discover he's taken off without her again. Then it's up to her to find him again.

The Week After-Rebecca Rusnak--14K--PG-13
One week after the events of Kill Switch, Scully realizes her partner is not doing so well.

I'll Never Let Go-Tara Hicks--11K--PG
Scully has to say good-bye to Mulder.

Drugged-Kelly Horvat--15K--PG
Mulder gets drugged, gets rushed to a hospital, etc.CHARACTER DIES!

No Longer The Path-Nikki--13K--PG
Mulder confronts Scully about information that she has been witholding from him.

Bad News-Mady--7K--PG
My thoughts during and after the episode Schizogeny. The tree took its toll on Mulder and he gets an unexpected answer from Scully. The real torture is at the end...

To End The Lie-Nicole Clevenger--8K--PG(for Angst)
Mulder's thoughts as he sits in his apartment after talking to Kritschgau and Scully.



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